Hands Holding a Seedling and Soil


Written to challenge the Shining Light Baptist Academy Class of 2013.

Potential – what is it?

It is a hope, a vision, a prospect, a capacity.
It is an amazing capability realized with audacity.
It is a purpose – exciting, inviting and awaiting.
It is the possibility you’ve been anticipating.

 Potential – who has it?

It is individual. It is unique.  It is you.
You are an intrigue woven bundle of it through and through.
It wears your smile.  It is seen in your eyes.
It is your heartbeat and your journey of hello’s and goodbye’s.

 Potential – what will you do with it?

It is before you.  It is a treasure to discover.
It invites you it’s beauty and riches to uncover.
It awaits your pursuit.  It’s calling your name.
Go for the gold – stand fast and stake your claim!

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