"O LORD, Hear Me"

“O LORD, hear me” 
Psalm 86:1 

King David was pouring his heart out to God. He cried, “save thy servant” (v. 2), “Rejoice the soul of thy servant” (v. 4), and “give thy strength unto thy servant” (v. 16). David knew who was serving Who. He realized that he was subject to God and that God was not subject to him.

This is the heart of our cries unto God – we need Him! He is greater than us and can do what we cannot. We must humble ourselves before this God who is “full of compassion, and gracious, longsuffering and plenteous in mercy and truth” (v. 15).

Faith in God brings the favour of God and man. In verse 17, David cried, “Shew me a token for good…”. May we seek God and His favour this week. Let’s ask Him to give us favour with those we are working with. Know that when our heart touches God’s, He touches others’ for us.

–Tim Cruse

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