The Nathan Principle

“…and Zabud the son of Nathan was the principle officer, and the king’s friend”

– I Kings 4:5

Why was Zabud so honored by King Solomon? Why was he such a close friend to the wisest man who ever lived?

Trace it back in God’s Word and you will find that his father Nathan was a true friend to Solomon’s father David. By honoring God, Nathan always came down on the side of right and of that which God ordained, whether it was popular or not. Zabud was the friend of God’s anointed for Israel because his father was the friend of God’s anointed.

In his early days, King Solomon rallied men and honored loyalty. Those who followed Adonijah, the one not ordained by God, were scattered and so were their children. Many a man has lost his children for Christ’s sake because he dishonored the servant of the Lord.

The Nathan principle is thus – “Always on the side of right”
. May we recognize what is right before God and come down on the side of right in whatever issue we are grappling with at present. Our children will be glad we did.

“Those that be planted in the house of the LORD shall flourish in the courts of our God.”
– Psalm 92:12,13

– Tim Cruse

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