The Train of His Will

The Train of His Will
Long before the world began,
God included you in His master plan.
He knew from the very start,
Just what would be your part.
Your family, your friends, your education,
They are all a part of your preparation.
As a polished car on His railway of grace,
He has a track just for you in this race.
Trials and temptations will encompass your path,
When pursued by sin’s bandits, just do the math.
My wisdom plus my way equals sure defeat,
God’s wisdom plus God’s way equals victory sweet.
God can do more with your life than you could ever do,
His way is perfect all the way through.
So, hop aboard and ride the train of His will,
It’s departing this year from Graduate Hill.
–Tim Cruse

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  1. What a great poem! Is this in print yet?

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