A Foundation of Faith

A Foundation of Faith

“…that ye may possess this good land, and leave it for an inheritance for your children after
you for ever.”
I Chronicles 28:8

A wealthy businessman once stated, “I started out with an awful lot handed to me.” He took the work his father left him and turned it into a billion dollar enterprise.

King David reminded his son Solomon in I Chronicles 26:27,28; 28:8,20 and chapter 29 of all that he and others had provided for him to use in building the Temple of God. Children being reared in Christ-honouring homes where the foundation of faith is being laid are so much further down the road in accomplishing great things for God than they realize sometimes. The shoulders of those before them are providing a launching pad into life many do not have.

Let us be willing to pay the price to seek a godly seed and a polished shaft as we give our children every opportunity possible to be greatly used in the service of the KING.

Children for the Master, His name uphold. Children for the father, His name unfold.

–Tim Cruse

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