Pay Your Own Way

Pay Your Own Way

Neither will I offer…unto the LORD my God of

that which doth cost me nothing.”

II Samuel 24:24

It has been said that every tub must stand on its own bottom; which being interpreted means every man must pay his own way. As such, personal responsibility is one of the great lessons of life.

Man has been commanded by God to work by the sweat of his brow and to provide for his own. Each individual must maximize his measure of ability and opportunity in life and remember “in all labour there is profit.”

As a young man growing up in a broken home, I learned to work hard to provide for my necessities and to take care of things. I knew that sympathy from others would not feed me when I was hungry nor clothe me when I was cold. I was not to expect others to do for me what I must do for myself, nor assume upon another’s generosity by asking for that which should be offered instead.

Because character is consistent, the same man who does right by his family is the same man who will do right by the church. Good men do not expect something for nothing, and they know that nothing in life is free. The very fact that you must help some men means that you will not be able to help them. Those who do not appreciate the sacrifices of others are those who are unwilling to sacrifice themselves. Where there is increase, you always find someone paying the price.

–Tim Cruse

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