God Can Turn It Around

God Can Turn It Around
Who is God using to bring you low today?
Perhaps it is a proud Peninnah1 to taunt you along the way.
How about a jealous Haman plotting to hang you out to dry,
Or a disloyal Absalom cursing you like a Shimei?
It could be a Mrs. Potipher with all her accusing strife.
Maybe it’s a self-willed Pashur terrorizing your life.
Remember how God used Pharoah to afflict His own?
He was getting them ready to be a new nation strong.
Job was a fading light in the eyes of those not distressed
Yet, his latter end, more than his beginning was blessed.
They wagged their heads at the forsaken Christ on the tree.
But, through weakness He secured the greatest victory.
Sometimes it does get worse before it gets better.
So, if you must lighten your ship and let her drive, let her9.
The clouds of opposition carry the rains of opportunity.
The blessing is on the way – so pray with importunity.
Just ask Hannah, Mordecai, David, Joseph or Jeremiah
about their crown • And, they will surely say,
“No matter how hard it gets, God can turn it around.”
“He bringeth low, and lifteth up.” I Sam. 2:7
–Tim Cruse

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