Just Enough

Just Enough

“Be ye holy; for I am holy.”

I Peter 1:16

Would you consider yourself a consecrated Christian? One who is wholly given to God, seeking to honour Him in body and spirit in every way possible? Or, is there an area of your life that still belongs to yourself; some area that you “sort of” honour God in, but do not want to go “too far” in or “miss out” because of?

Churches abound with “casual” Christians in this hour. Those who are careless in their walk with God, in the way they live, in the work they do, in the witness they give and in the words they say. “Just enough” to soothe a quickened conscience, but not “too much” to satisfy self. “That’s not my personal conviction” or “I don’t look at it that way” or “I’m not called to full-time service” or “I’ve got a life apart from serving God all the time, you know” serve as umbrellas to shield the half-hearted. “Rich and increased with goods,” we have need of nothing – not even God. Who are we kidding, but ourselves?

While we withdraw from the call to consecration, we readily devise ways to discount the commitment of others. Be reminded that “like character attracts like character.” If you walk in the counsel of the unconsecrated and stand in the way of the lip-servers, it will not be long before you are sitting in the seat of the contemptuous. Be careful in developing a contempt for the holy things of God. He will not hold those guiltless who do.

-Tim Cruse

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