Cannot I Do With You As This Potter?

Cannot I Do With You As This Potter?
Jeremiah 18:6
What is your bother?
Lack you a mother or father?
Perhaps it’s a sin-filled past,
Or many disappointments thou hast.
Jesus, our great soulwinner,
Is also our gracious soulmender.
Beauty from ashes He will bring;
“The Restorer of my life” you will sing.
The sting of the past is taken away,
When Christ becomes your hope and stay.
Give Him the brokenness of your heart,
He will give you a brand new start.
O clay marred by sin,
‘Tis our Heavenly Potter who can make you over again.
– Tim Cruse


  1. Pastor,
    God has blessed you with many talents. I love the poem. My mother was a wonderful poet. She was a dynamic Christian who has been with the Lord since 1969. Her talent has been passed on to some of her children. This is one that I wrote in April 2002. (Certainly not tryikng to outdo you or compare myself with your stroke of the pen)

    A Masterless Universe

    Once upon a time there was a big bang
    Alas, there were no angel who sang
    Our world was not conceived by a master plan
    But came about by an explosion of gases
    Which theory is now accepted by the masses.

    A fathers’ embrace and a mothers’ gentle touch
    Did not originate from a God who loves so much
    Affection and love shouldn’t be given much attention
    It didn’t come from above or from another dimension
    Passed down to us from mondeys were these feelings of emotion
    An idea to defraud us of the truth and rightful devotion.

    Can we be deceived to believe this lie?
    God gave us a knowledge we cannot deny
    By His wondrous works and His almighty hand
    In just six days, He created this land
    Finally, He sent us His Son, our sins to delete
    His passion extended and His work complete.

  2. Oops, it should have said: Alas, there were no angels who sang.

  3. Just 1 more note. I am so delighted the Kilstroms are home. I want to be available to do anything I can to help them. May God bless them and restore their health and bring them back to church quickly.

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